vE-jA Interactive Book

With the aim of tying the experience of reading the book to the concept of VJing itself, we designed and prototyped an interactive touch version of the VJ book so that readers can become participants in live triggering of video, just as a video artist would in a live setting.

Touching designated images in the book will trigger the related video clip on the DVD. The book thus becomes an interface for the DVD. The content can also be online or mobile content.

The original concept for the book was contradictory to the nature of the art of live audio/video performance in the sense that a three-dimensional and multi-sensory art had been transformed into a two-dimensional surface of text and image. The touch version is a logical progression of how we experience books on subjects that require physical experience of their environment.

The result of the contradiction was re-translating the book back into a multi-sensory experience where the reader can be involved in the concept of audio and video synchronization by their own interaction within the pages of the book.

The provided documentation is of a prototype where the sensors and micro controller are built into the cover of the book. The programming is done in Processing and Arduino. An earlier version was prototyped by Brian Dressel of OVT Visuals using MAX/MSP/Jitter and MIDItron.